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The Scarlet Scorpion, a superhero from AC Comics, appears in his first feature length adventure. In this origin story, Rick Trent (Gary Lester) becomes the Scarlet Scorpion to battle the super villain, the Iron Claw. Vallerie Mann (Cat LoCicero) also dons a second alien battle suit to become a female Scorpion. This 73 minute feature also incorporated the previously listed SCARLET SCORPION: RISE...

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GARGANTA GOT MILK     The AMAZING COLOSSAL WOMAN finds herself at odds caught between a manipulating Alien creature from another world (Chris Casteel) and a power-hungry mad scientist in this third installment of the GARGANTA saga. GARGANTA (Brenna Barry) is on the loose again stomping civilians to death and creating mayhem throughout the city. Dr. Felix Farb (Jim Trebowski) offers the giantess...

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Amazing Colossal Woman! Part 2 Download Part Two: Size Matters

She's back! She's bad! She's big! And with THE AMAZING COLOSSAL WOMAN, "SIZE MATTERS". Brenna Barry stars as GARGANTA in this action packed conclusion. She had it all her way in part One. Now the military makes its move against the giantess. Col. Boyle is sent in a helicopter to take her down. He is armed with huge hypodermic filled with tranquilizer juice. Down she goes but...

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Amazing Colossal Woman! Download Part One: Garganta Puts Her Foot Down

Dr. Carol Heisler is angry... very angry. Her rage registers with an flying saucer scanning the populace. The Alien being inside decides that she is an ideal subject for an experiment. Using its advanced technology Solopticus grows the furious female to giant size and names her GARGANTA! Now possessing tremendous power, GARGANTA starts storming through the city searching for her cheating husband....

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Monster Gorilla Download

Heather Brinkley, Chris Casteel, Scott Mena, Bill Fredericks, Kelley Young After her ship explodes mysteriously, Heather washes up on the forbidden shores of Horror Island. Did her boy friend, Charlie, also survive? While frantically searching the dense jungle for him she discovers and old house and enters it seeking help. But to her terror, Heather becomes the captive slave of Dr. Eric Vornoff,...

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Scarlet Scorpion 01: Origin of a Superheroine

A bold, new era for CultRetro’s cinematic universe begins right here!! Richard Trent (a.k.a The Scarlet Scorpion) has been captured by his enemy The Iron Claw! But all hope is not lost as the alien suit that grants Trent his amazing abilities falls into the hands of a shy and meek young woman. Does she have what it takes to master one of the most powerful sentient weapons...

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Stormy Tempest: Lies and Allies Download

The Stormy Tempest Season 3 Finale is here! Clayton the Sleeper and Stormy Tempest take on Velocity Blaze! Plus, your first look at Stormy Tempest Season 4 featuring Astra and Duchess Sadistica! NOTE: There is only ONE version of this film. There is no Extended Edition this time.

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Stormy Tempest: Velocity Blaze Download

Season 3: Episode 3.The perils of Stormy Tempest continue! Stormy has been sedated by Clayton the Sleeperand mauled by an alien Moss Monster. Her armor and weapons systems are failing, her strength is at its lowest ebb… and Stormy Tempest is about to come face-to-face with the toughest opponent she has ever encountered. Relentless Space Patrol Sheriff...

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3 versions available. Click here to learn more.

Stormy Tempest: Caress of the Moss Monster Download

Season 3: Episode 2.The perils of Stormy Tempest continue! While exploring an alien jungle, Stormy Tempest encounters the mysterious and powerful Moss Monster. Our heroine attempts a peaceful “first contact”, but her noble intentions yield an unexpected result. Stormy is forced to desperately retreat into the jungle, but quickly discovers that she cannot hide from her relentless new...

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3 versions available. Click here to learn more.

Stormy Tempest: The Sleeper Strikes Download

Season 3: Episode 1.The perils of Stormy Tempest! An all new series of adventures begins right here! Stormy has been sedated and abducted by the bounty hunter known as Clayton the Sleeper! Stormy wakes up on a hostile alien jungle planet in the middle of an explosive gunfight to discover that Clayton has been “rescuing” her from the clutches of an unseen...

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3 versions available. Click here to learn more.

Angel Avengers 05: Abducted Angel Download

The mysterious MetalGypsy returns! MetalGypsy (in her mild-mannered but stylish civilian identity) discovers that the bad guys are using another ruby artifact to transform innocent victims into mindless minions. Our heroine manages to swipe the ruby and takes off running with the bad guys hot on her heels! Demonic villain Big Joel Nekoda and his henchmen cut her off and the Angel soon finds...

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Stormy Tempest: Fight for the Future Download

Season 2: Episode 4The Women of Tomorrow return for the epic Stormy Tempest Season Two finale! Stormy Tempest (Nicola Rae) has finally recovered from her injuries and resumes her mission to thwart the evil Gorla Monk's incursion into the 21st century. Meanwhile Lacey Slater (Aliya Hayes) masters her newly-acquired superpowers and takes to the skies over Orlando to stop criminals, extinguish a...

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Stormy Tempest: Women of Tomorrow Download

Season 2: Episode 3Great Caesar's Ghost! It's all-out war, mayhem and destruction! Stormy Tempest Season 2 continues with our most explosive episode EVER! Stormy Tempest (Nicola Rae) acclimates to the 21st century as she discovers a few of the modern era's simple pleasures. Meanwhile, her dreamscape avatar tries to heal from the Gorla Monk's mental assault by attempting to recover...

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Stormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present Download

Stormy Tempest Season 2 continues! In the aftermath of Stormy Tempest: Torment in Time our heroine struggles to escape a psychedelic mental prison. She is trapped in an endless void with no hope of escape and taunted by an unseen foe. Her courage, her strength of will and her memories are violated. Her innermost fears rise up to consume her. Stormy is assaulted without warning and finds herself...

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Stormy Tempest: Torment in Time Download

Smokin’ Rockets! Sexy sci-fi space outlaw Stormy Tempest returns in her darkest and most titillating adventure yet! The evil Gorla Monks pursue interstellar hotshot Stormy Tempest back in time to the early 21st century where an awesome laser battle ensues. Outnumbered, overwhelmed and subdued, an exhausted and injured Stormy Tempest is taken captive and subjected to a mental assault...

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Angel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy Download

An all new Angel Avenger is here! Meet MetalGypsy! She's deliciously exotic, incredibly sexy, amazingly powerful and unbelievably stylish! This astonishing new heroine has graceful moves you won't believe! The villains have acquired a new occult artifact that transforms helpless citizens into mindless zombie-like thugs. Enter MetalGypsy to put an end to this evil scheme with the power of...

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Angel Avengers 03: Femme Fatales Download

The Angel Avengers have dismantled Big Joel Nekoda's occult artifact smuggling operation while defeating wave after wave of his incompetent henchmen. Now the Angels are finally going after the bossman himself! As Angel Nikki (The Bionic Bombshell) takes out the two perimeter guards, Angel Brink and Angel Ash take on Big Joel. Our heroines quickly clobber the villains with a devastating...

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Angel Avengers 02: Bionic Bombshell Download

Featuring Tsvetanka Vergilova as Nikki, a destructive agent known for her incredible strength, power and exotic beauty. High-tech bionic implants ripple just below her skin allowing her to stop thugs in their tracks with a single blow. Nikki is dispatched on a solo mission to take out a gaggle of goons trafficking occult artifacts out of a garage in an unsuspecting and quiet suburban...

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