Bloodfiend from Outer Space: The Sangor Syndrome DVD

Bloodfiend from Outer Space: The Sangor Syndrome DVD

Bloodfiend from Outer Space: The Sangor Syndrome DVD
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The complete Sangor Syndrome saga is available now on DVD! Includes Bloodfiend from Outer Space and Bikini Bloodbait TOGETHER as one feature-length motion picture!

Sexy vampire vixens run amok under the influence of an alien menace known as Sangor, the Blood Fiend from Outer Space! Maria Paris stars as Angela Barcroft, a haunted woman with a mysterious past. Is she a victim? Is she delusional? Or is she something far more sinister? Under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security who believe her to be a terrorist, Angela is questioned by Dr. Chaney (Lawrence Benjamin) who struggles to uncover the truth. How can this seemingly young woman have such vivid recollections from over 30 years in the past? Who are the masked sentinels known as the Shade and Synn who protect her? And if Angela truly IS a vampire… then how is she running around in broad daylight? Blood Fiend from Outer Space combines alien abductions, vampire catfights, government conspiracies and comic book adventure to create an atmospheric horror experience unlike any other. 61 minutes. Produced, written and directed by Bill Black.

Back story: For years the movie “Bloodsuckers From Outer Space,” a film by Bill Black featuring his comic book creations “SYNN” and “THE SHADE,” has been touted in FEMFORCE and other AC Comics. It was created in the 1970's as a single chapter (Chapter 5 – “BIKINI BLOOD BAIT”) as a modern-day cliffhanger serial. In recent years Black shot new footage to add to “Bloodsuckers” making it into a complete film. In a session with a psychiatrist, Angela Barcroft relates thru flashbacks the story of Sangor including her involvement and interactions with the superheroes SYNN and THE SHADE. This epic compilation runs over an hour.

There is also a 38 minute re-edited version, “SANGOR SOLO,” comprised of the new footage which features sexy vampire women attacks and only 8 minutes of the 1970's film.

Other extras include:
A documentary “First It Was Bloodsuckers” narrated by Black that features many
rare photos from the 1970's filming and deleted scenes.
“Reflections On Bloodsuckers Past,” a humorous interview with 1970's cast member Orrin Lundgren filmed in 2007.
“The Making of Sangor” behind the scenes photos of the new production.
Extensive photo gallery of pics of Maria Paris, Brenna Barry and all the vampire gals from the new footage.
CHEESEORAMA- the documentary that explains Black’s philosophy of film making.
Trailers of other AC Comics super heroine movies.

Total running time nearly 2.5 hours.

Bloodfiend from Outer Space: The Sangor Syndrome DVD - $14.95 Add to Cart