Angel Avengers 03: Femme Fatales Download

Angel Avengers 03: Femme Fatales Download

HD: 1280x720
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The Angel Avengers have dismantled Big Joel Nekoda's occult artifact smuggling operation while defeating wave after wave of his incompetent henchmen. Now the Angels are finally going after the bossman himself! As Angel Nikki (The Bionic Bombshell) takes out the two perimeter guards, Angel Brink and Angel Ash take on Big Joel. Our heroines quickly clobber the villains with a devastating assault, but they soon learn that there is more to Big Joel than meets the eye and KEEPING him down will be the hard part. Only the full fury of the Angel Avengers unleashed will put an end to Big Joel Nekoda... but at what cost?

More Sexy Combat! More Sizzling Action! More Destruction! More Girl Power! Watch it now!

Starring Heather Brinkley as Angel Brink, Ashley Wilson as Angel Ash, Tsvetanka Vergilova as Nikki, Anthony Wayne as Tony, Stem Whitaker as Slim. Produced & Directed by Bill Black. "B-Movie King" and cult movie legend Joel D. Wynkoop finally joins the battle as Big Joel Nekoda!

Runtime: 12 Minutes (not including credits and outtakes)
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Available in High Definition (HD) 1280x720 widescreen format 

HD: 1280x720 - $11.95 Add to Cart