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Monster Gorilla Unleashed !

Monster Gorilla is a delightfully fun tribute to favorites in classic simian cinema.You’ll see nods to such classics as The Ape Man with Bela Lugosi, Bride of the Gorilla, Nabonga, and White Pongo ! There are literally dozens of scenes inspired by these and many more of your favorites !
Monster gorilla came about as a short film contest sponsored by Craig Scott Lamb, the administrator of Ape Suit Cinema asked for submissions to enter, with the winner to be shown at the Ape Suit Cinema sponsored Jungle-Con !
Monster Gorilla won the contest, and will be featured in the program!

Monster Gorilla stars the stunning Heather Brinkley as a ship wrecked Damsel, washed ashore on a mysterious island…and evil island. The island is inhabited by the maddest of mad scientists, the deranged Doctor Vornoff, played with scenery chewing brilliance by Bill Fredericks. Bill channels the very essence of Bela Lugosi at his hammiest !
The hapless Heather falls into Vornoff’s evil clutches and prepared for an evil experiment…Vornoff actually plans to ….NOPE !!!! I’m not gonna tell ya !
What I will tell you is that in Monster gorilla you WILL see:
Incredible island locations!
A gorgeous girl running for her life !
Mad science gone wild !
Awe inspiring transformations !
And the most vicious gorilla battle ever captured on film!!!!
This throw-down makes the gorilla fights in White Gorilla and White Pongo look like a thumb wrestling match in comparison !

Monster Gorilla was written by gorilla man Chris Casteel (RETURN OF NYOKA THE JUNGLE GIRL). Monster Gorilla was produced and directed by the incomparable Bill Black who needed the practice ! Monster Gorilla also stars Scott Mena, and on the all important gorilla front Chris Casteel, and new gorilla sensation, Kelley Young !!!! A real live gorilla girl …though Kelley plays a male gorilla here with all the ferociousness of Crash Corrigan !

The disc includes :
The Monster Gorilla trailer
The 30 minute version of Monster Gorilla in living color
The 30 minute version of Monster Gorilla in Black & White
The 20 minute black and white “film contest cut”
Behind the scenes production photos
Footage taken from SyFy Saturdays Bartow, FL , which hosted the world premier of Monster Gorilla in front of a live audience, and guest appearances by Heather and Bongo !
Plus SUPER BONUS….A collection of some of the finest photos of classic gorilla men ever assembled ! These come from the collection of Bob Burns (TV’s GHOSTBUSTERS), the expansive Hollywood Gorilla Men Archives, and the gorilla historians at Ape Suit Cinema !


MONSTER GORILLA DVD - $14.95 Add to Cart