Monster Gorilla Download

Monster Gorilla Download

Black and White Version
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Heather Brinkley, Chris Casteel, Scott Mena, Bill Fredericks, Kelley Young

After her ship explodes mysteriously, Heather washes up on the forbidden shores of Horror Island. Did her boy friend, Charlie, also survive? While frantically searching the dense jungle for him she discovers and old house and enters it seeking help. But to her terror, Heather becomes the captive slave of Dr. Eric Vornoff, a deranged scientist who is conducting unnatural experiments far away from the prying eyes of civilization. Even worse, she shares her captivity with a growling black brute... the MONSTER GORILLA! And, horror of horrors, the snarling ape turns out to be Charlie himself, now a transformed victim of Vornoff's mad plans. And Heather is to be next! But wait... there's more! Monster Gorilla must battle a ferocious White Gorilla.... a beast even more deadly than the Monster Gorilla itself!

MONSTER GORILLA was the creation of Florida Gorilla Man, Chris Casteel who wrote the screenplay with obvious nods to ape suit cinema efforts of yesteryear. Bill Black (RETURN OF NYOKA, STORMY TEMPEST series, GHOST OF GARGANTA) produced and directed. The film won a gorilla man film contest and is slated to play at Jungle Con in Los Angeles in August, 2016. This ultra-low budget thriller is a fun homage to monster movies from back in the day when gorillas were considered scary.

Running time (Black & White Version): 20 minutes, HD WMV

Running time (Extended Color Version): 30 minutes, HD WMV

Black and White Version - $14.95 Add to Cart
Extended Color Version - $16.95 Add to Cart