Femtastic No. 1 MATURE Download

Femtastic No. 1 MATURE Download


    Paragon Publications 2016 re-launch. This is the first book published by the 2016 Paragon Publications. It was available only to a

select group known as the Secret Society of Femtastic. Only 19 copies were distributed as the new Paragon books will not be

available to the general public.

    This book contains a 29 page story of THE ALL GIRL SQUAD, a team of superheroines that exist only on Earth P (for Paragon)

consisting of Vicky Victory, Nightwitch, Bad Kitty, Lysdee- the Girl From LSD, Tyraa, Blonde Bombshell, Lil Pistol, Bronco Betsy

and General Ramona Strack. "The Spy Who Spritzed Me"  introduces a new villain, The Squirt, who developed a liguid spray that

disolves the special costumes of the AGS. One by one the gals are embarrassed in public drastically reducing their ability to fight

crime. There is lots of topless nudity thruout. The Blue Bulleteer stars in a back-up feature. Art by Eric Coile. Story, inks, colors by

Bill Black. Uncensored. 40 pages, all in full color. Published in June, 2016

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