Scarlet Scorpion 01: Origin of a Superheroine

Scarlet Scorpion 01: Origin of a Superheroine

27m 1280×720 HD
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A bold, new era for CultRetro’s cinematic universe begins right here!!

Richard Trent (a.k.a The Scarlet Scorpion) has been captured by his enemy The Iron Claw! But all hope is not lost as the alien suit that grants Trent his amazing abilities falls into the hands of a shy and meek young woman. Does she have what it takes to master one of the most powerful sentient weapons systems in the galaxy? With a little luck and a lot of spirit she just might pull it off… unless the robotic minions of The Iron Claw get to her first. Cat LoCicero stars as the all new Scarlet Scorpion, inspired by a character created by Bill Black for his Paragon Publications in 1965.

Also in this episode, meet golden age hero Dr. Jonathan Weir!! The Purple Claw is a powerful force for good in our cinematic universe, but its appearance may have dire consequences for our protagonists.   AC Comics aficionados will recognize Dr. Weir as one of the driving forces behind the popular Vault of Heroes storyline. This fan-favorite epic depicts a massive war with long-forgotten heroes and heroines from the golden age of comics resurrected to oppose the evil Black Shoud and his minions.   Big plans are in motion with staggering implications for our ongoing series of live action short films!   Robert K. Sollien brings a troubled Dr. Jonathan Weir to life with his astonishing range, dignity and gravitas. You’ll be seeing much more of Dr. Weir in the very near future. Watch this episode to see how it all begins!

NOTE: There is NO fighting in this episode. There is character, story, suspense, humor, mystery, visual effects, the debut of the Purple Claw (which will bridge into our Stormy Tempest series) and a sexy heroine in a red catsuit performing feats of strength, speed, superbreath (and more) … but the fighting doesn’t occur until Part Two. If combat is your thing, you’ll have to wait for Duchess Sadistica and the thugs to show up in the next episode.

Starring Cat LoCicero, Robert K. Sollien, Allen Cheesman and Jason Snyder. Purple Claw artifact constructed by Chris Casteel. Produced and Directed by Bill Black. Editing and FX by JohnJG. Includes bonus gag reel and a preview of Scarlet Scorpion 02: Rise of a Superheroine!

27m 1280×720 HD - $14.95 Add to Cart