Stormy Tempest: The Sleeper Strikes Download

Stormy Tempest: The Sleeper Strikes Download

Cinematic Version (18m30s)
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Damsel in Distress Extended Version (25m30s)
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Discounted Bundle Includes BOTH Versions
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Season 3: Episode 1.
The perils of Stormy Tempest! An all new series of adventures begins right here! Stormy has been sedated and abducted by the bounty hunter known as Clayton the Sleeper! Stormy wakes up on a hostile alien jungle planet in the middle of an explosive gunfight to discover that Clayton has been “rescuing” her from the clutches of an unseen foe. Our independent heroine is not very pleased with being rescued against her will (or with Clayton’s methods) and a heated argument with the bounty hunter quickly escalates into a fierce battle. Clayton attempts to subdue Stormy using an arsenal that includes stun guns, tazers, blinding flares, knock out gas, a cloaking device, hand-to-hand combat, an anesthetic cloth and his inescapable bearhug! But intergalactic hotshot Stormy Tempest is a powerful heroine and a capable and clever warrior… she won’t go down without a fight and has more than a few tricks up her weaponized sleeves.

The rematch that fans have been waiting for since the release of our popular 2010 Season One episode Stormy Tempest: Unmasked begins right here! Who will win the ultimate battle of the sexes? Who is the mysterious unseen foe? What creatures lurk in the alien jungle? Will Stormy Tempest be unmasked again? And how did a simple argument between allies turn into a no-holds-barred fight for supremacy?

From the pages of AC Comic’s FemForce, NICOLA RAE brings to life the statuesque sci-fi superheroine Stormy Tempest, a character created by BILL BLACK nearly 40 years ago! PIERCE KNIGHTLEY returns as Clayton the Sleeper, the charming outlaw with a crush on Stormy and an obsession with adding her mask to his string of trophies.

For the first time ever… see Nicola Rae as Stormy Tempest in 1280 x 720 high-definition widescreen format!

We are offering this release in two versions. The “Damsel in Distress Extended Version” is 7 minutes longer, but that’s 7 minutes of “the good stuff” like bearhugging and unmasking and slow motion and struggling with the anesthetic cloth and voyeuristic panning shots, etc. If you’re one of our “damsels in distress” fans you’re going to LOVE it. It’s far more “perilous” than anything we’ve released to date. If you’re NOT interested in that sort of thing, the “Cinematic Version” is a more action-oriented, comic book-style presentation similar to all of our previous Stormy episodes and you’ll never noticed that the damsel in distress shots have been removed or cut down (and… it’s cheaper!). If you would like to see BOTH versions then the “Discounted Bundle, Both Versions” is for you! NOTE: You must buy the bundle upfront to get the discount. If you decide to get the alternate version later you will have to purchase it separately at full price.

Cinematic Version (18m30s) - $14.95 Add to Cart
Damsel in Distress Extended Version (25m30s) - $19.95 Add to Cart
Discounted Bundle Includes BOTH Versions - $24.95 Add to Cart