Angel Avengers 02: Bionic Bombshell Download

Angel Avengers 02: Bionic Bombshell Download

HD: 1280x720
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Featuring Tsvetanka Vergilova as Nikki, a destructive agent known for her incredible strength, power and exotic beauty. High-tech bionic implants ripple just below her skin allowing her to stop thugs in their tracks with a single blow.

Nikki is dispatched on a solo mission to take out a gaggle of goons trafficking occult artifacts out of a garage in an unsuspecting and quiet suburban neighborhood. But that won't stop our Angel from clobbering the bad guys and putting an "explosive" end to their operation. Martial artist Micah Goingback joins the cast as a character soon to be known as the dreaded Bionic Fist! Plus Nikki calls out Big Joel Nekoda setting the stage for a battle with the bossman himself.

Starring Tsvetanka Vergilova as Nikki, Anthony Wayne as Tony, Stem Whitaker as Slim, Micah Goingback as Bionic Fist. Produced & Directed by Bill Black. "B-Movie King" and cult movie legend Joel D. Wynkoop guest stars as Big Joel Nekoda!

Runtime: 6.5 Minutes (not including credits)
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Available in High Definition (HD) 1280x720 widescreen format

HD: 1280x720 - $6.95 Add to Cart