Damsels in Distress DVD Hosted by Stormy Tempest (Plus Cliffhanger Heroines & Jungle Girls)

Damsels in Distress DVD Hosted by Stormy Tempest (Plus Cliffhanger Heroines & Jungle Girls)

Damsels in Distress DVD
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Smokin’ rockets!! It’s a brand new STORMY TEMPEST adventure starring the statuesque Nicola Rae as your favorite interstellar hotshot! It’s a hilarious “mockumentary” feature about Bill Black’s superheroic women! It’s a micro-budget filmmaking and special effects tour-de-force! STORMY TEMPEST signs on to host a documentary feature about the strong-willed heroines of AC COMICS and Smarty Pants Entertainment, but her show is hijacked by Gorla Monks and CLAYTON the SLEEPER! Now held captive by her enemies, the unwilling STORMY is forced to become the hostess of the VILLAIN’S favorite clips. Featuring some of the best scenes and sexiest women from our entire filmography, DAMSELS IN DISTRESS has all of “the good stuff” right here in one titanic, titillating and provocative packages! Starring Nicola Rae, Maria Paris, Brenna Barry, Mike Acord, Amy LoCicero, Pierce Knightley, Chris Casteel, Sydney Foxx, and many , many more!

This disc also includes- Damsels In Distress Part Two: Showcasing the fighting females of the 1940's cliffhanger serials! The Saturday matinees of yesteryear gave rise to some of the first and best action heroines to ever grace the silver screen and you’ll find some of their greatest exploits gathered here!! We’ve combed through countless serials to compile this presentation of their best daring deeds, cliffhanger perils, fight scenes, shoot outs and deadly death traps with our battling beauties at the heart of every scene. See wild women dispatch dastardly villains, foil schemes of maniacal madmen, rescue their leading men from deadly peril and wind up in more than a few tight scrapes of their own. It’s pure action from start to finish featuring courageous and glamorous gals of the chapterplays!

Plus- Damsels In Distress Part Three: The daring exploits of the cliffhanger serial jungle girls!! Some of the best action from the serial chapterplays occurs in these classic and influential films and we’ve crammed as much as we could fit into this extravaganza. Watch in amazement as our jungle heroines survive an endless array of death traps and cliffhanger perils including a swinging pendulum, collapsing bridges, spiked ceilings, gorilla attacks, explosions, native booby traps and much, much more! The jungle girls were also some of the serial era’s best female fighters and we showcase plenty of scenes featuring the girls taking down the bad guys with exciting stunts, vine-swinging action, catfights, gun battles and two-fisted combat!! Written & edited by JohnJG, produced & directed by Bill Black. In color from Smarty Pants Entertainment and Nightveil Media, Inc. An all-ages DVD presentation in regions-free NTSC format, presented on a single DVD-R disc which should play on any standard DVD player!

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Damsels in Distress DVD - $11.95 Add to Cart