Stormy Tempest: Rogue Justice Download

Stormy Tempest: Rogue Justice Download

Stormy Tempest: Rogue Justice Download
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Season 1: Epilogue
Nicola Rae returns as everyone’s favorite interstellar hotshot! Stormy Tempest has always played fast and loose with the rules, bending regulations on occasion as necessary to protect the galaxy and keep the peace in her role as a space patrol officer…but now the time has come for Stormy to answer for her transgressions. Our heroine is brought before the space patrol Magistrate to answer for a long list of crimes that might just earn Stormy a death sentence. Stormy’s dedication to the pursuit of justice is put to the ultimate test in this exciting adventure that sheds new light on the events of Stormy’s past while setting the stage for her future exploits. You won’t want to miss this pivotal chapter in the Stormy Tempest saga! Justice will be served and the future will never be the same! 

In addition to Stormy’s trial before the Magistrate, Stormy Tempest: Rogue Justice features condensed versions of the previous Stormy Tempest Season One films (Attack of the Giantess, Perils in the Past & Unmasked), making this the perfect download to jump into theStormy Tempest storyline. Rogue Justice expands upon the events of the past while setting the stage for Stormy Tempest's Season Two!

Also you can check out Aliya Hayes's CultRetro film debut right here as she portrays The Magistrate. Aliya is great and you can see why we decided to bring her back as popular super gal Lacey Slater.

Runtime: 47 minutes 
Windows Media format: 720x480, 695MBs

Stormy Tempest: Rogue Justice Download - $9.95 Add to Cart